Wednesday, August 22, 2007

COLORS - Welcome to Vorland

Welcome to Vorland - Your Next Sustainable holiday.

Most of us in this class have heard of COLORS the Italian magazine so I was curious to see what it was all about. The concept for their latest issue blew me away it was completely surreal.

COLORS moves to the future- Summer 2057, to Vorland, a small Swedish island, which was once freezing and nearly inhospitable but has now become due to global warming, one of the ultimate summer holiday spots. The whole issue is entirely fictional.

Through the photos, stories and interviews of the weird inhabitants of Vorland the magazine investigates the effects of climate change and how to reverse them through sustainable living through this surreal world. The humour of the images grabbed my attention initially but the stories drew me into this surreal future with weird people, and odd inventions. Here are a few examples-

The effects of global warming.

“I get a funny sensation being here. It’s something like euphoric pain.”Pia, 14

Provides an alternative to physical traveling by showing live stream video on screens run by pedal power.

Turns rainwater storage from necessity to accessory by means the Cambrella Pack.

Monument to the Petroleum Era. The inscription on the plaque-“If you burn the planet, the planet will burn you.”

I found the COLORS website to be very thought provoking you should go have a look if you want at-

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