Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Paula " Happy Norouz"

This beautiful work is a greeting card for New Year from Iran. It is the first image i clicked on in www.icograda website and I just LOVE IT...!

In Iran, New Year is called "Norouz". Symbols of Norouz include Red Fish, Candles, Grass and apples which are all featured in the piece.

I really love how the hands are in black and white and then vivd colours are 'spot coloured' over the top, on the detail making it really stand out, I am fascinated by this look and would like to experiment with it myself, at some stage.

I find the images contemporary, however - with the use of hands, the designer has tapped in to the age old tradition of using hands as a strong image of the Iranian culture- think henna tattoos.

The designer is an Iranian Art director + graphic artist named Omid Keshtar he lives in Tehran, Iran.

Love your work Omid !!!

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