Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jess - Selling the Solution


YEN's worldwide network of friends and contributors come together to share their opinions and experiences. Where the kids who create, the kids who inspire and the kids who inform can air their dreams, their desires and the issues that are getting them irritated. Relaying both what's cool and what's really significant in each city - the issues causing a stir straight from those it's happening to.

YEN magazine launched five years ago in Australia as a reaction to women's magazines that lacked both substance and style. YEN was originally unveiled as a 32-page mini magazine, free on the streets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Thanks to the support of an amazing collective of contributors and supporters hungry to get involved, YEN quickly evolved to it's current format and can be found in newsagents and specialty stockists all over Australia as well as many countries worldwide.

This magazine is a benefit to a lot of women around Australia because of the the depth it goes into in all areas other then just beauty etc. YEN is so popular because of the issues and articles it brings to its readers because a lot of people are always looking for something more then just your average womens magazine.

Personally I believe that the selling sollution of YEN is inspiring, and I enjoy reading the articles YEN creates.


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genevieve said...

I think YEN is a mad mag too (i've got a copy:)). They actually cover real issues for women. I didn't know it was australian and it's great to know such a needed mag came from our underground culture. nice post!