Monday, August 27, 2007

paula - Pentagram gets the Sak...

This is the case study of the redesign of the logo and packaging for SAKS FIFTH AVENUE in New York, a luxury store with a long history of providing goods to its elite customers.

Saks had had a series of typographic, signature type, logos over its history, but in 2004 they wanted to bring their brand into the modern world. It was important that current customers could recognise, the progressive design as well as attracting new customers


One typographic image stood out from the others, it was recognisable to the masses as 'THE' saks logo even though it had been 30 years since it had been used and had been superceded several times.

After much brainstorming in the Pentagram agency the historic logo was placed within a black square and then divided into 64 smaller squares. The tiles could be infinately arranged into different outcomes, giving the designers alot to play with.

The historic colours - Black & White where retained & the recognisable signature remains. However the end result is modern & very stylish - Very New York.


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