Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Interacting w/Sagmeister

From the little designs and discussions I’ve seen & read of Sagmeisters, to me there’s an obvious style to a few of his designs and in this a desire to interact, be it physically, visually, for himself or for the audience. Sagmeisters designs take on a different level of interaction where they makes you want to pick it up, feel it, look closer or at different angles, or just to imagine and have an idea of what that might have felt like or where he was coming from. Having this quality is what make the audience want to look and find out more, is it something they can relate to?
Sagmeisters not afraid to go outside the box and present something different albeit sometimes simple, but effective, he has confidence in his design concepts and uses this to sell his designs to the client.

Quotes of Sagmeisters I found interesting.
• I select the right clients to buy into my obsessions as does the audience.
• The desire of an emotional impact is often (& rightfully) perceived by the audience as pretentious.
• Designs that impact a community need to be extremely - labour intensive.

INTERESTING MAN……Do you think so?

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