Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paula - process and progress

We have learnt this year that Design is a process... my take on it is LIFE IS A PROCESS and design is part of life - my life anyway...

Everyday and every design is a work in progress... I really loved creating these tiles on several levels, I researched Stefan Sagmeister who I love and also think is a nut case, (all part of being creative apparently), my favourite tile comes directly from him - DESIGN MAKES ME HAPPY - this leads into IDEAS, INSPIRATION, CREATE & TIME etc. They are all concepts represented in my tiles.

I also researched actual metaphors, Australian slang - very interesting and much to my surprise I learnt that i knew what most of it meant, I also drew on my own experiences of what I like and what I have learnt this year.......... Which is an incredible amount.

I used a very simple colour palette of Black, shades of grey and a dash of Red, i wanted to keep the work looking bold and sleek and also I was purely inspired and enjoying the current trends of Black white and red - EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN partucularly after reading Vogue living an introspective of the last 20 years of fashion and home decorating.

I had more conceptual ideas than eight, however i only wanted to use quotes that really 'spoke' to me, so I kept looking and my mind processed everything I did and saw & eventually i settled on the eight you see.

I did have another one that I now wish I could have used which was "LISTEN 2 YOURSELF" I have realised that this is also a huge part of our work as Graphic Designers. Really nothing is more important than to respect and trust our own intuition and ideas.

There is always a first person to do something & we cant be afraid for it to be us. It could even makes us famous one day.


The process of design is an integral part of the final creation as it is how we get there. Ideas develop along the way in response to our own perspectives on the project, clients needs and communicating to those around us, whether it be with client, colleagues or friends and family.
We also have our own inspirations, which come in all their diversities from music to books, to a blade of grass… to a strike of lightening.
Ideas evolve as she climbs the mountain portraying our explorations and development of philosophies and designs. Reflection is also important throughout the process to examine and determine the problems and from where to continue.
I also used the quote ‘Doomed to crumble unless we grow and strengthen our communication,’ to relate to ones growth as a Graphic Designer as in this creative industry one is always learning and evolving and because this year I have discovered the importance of communication in this field, especially when we are working to please clients.
The design eventually reaches its full growth, which at times can be difficult to determine yet as Graphic Designers we have deadlines that we must persevere to have it completed by.
When your design reaches this stage, ‘beautiful creatures will come to inhabit,’ -a metaphor concerning the receiving end of the design being client and consumer experience.
I just wanted to put up these images beacuse I had a problem with the printer having colours come out strange and in these panels the photographs came out blurry and I wanted you all to see them how they are supposed to be. The photos are from my climb of the beautiful Mt Warning which inspired this project, as I related this adventure to the journey of design processes. This is a lesson to save files correctly (I think it may have been to do with RGB and CMYK).

Monday, November 26, 2007

chicken or the egg

i fouund this assignment quite a challenge and it made you think long and hard about what design is and the process's involved from where we are now as students to what will one day be our eventual fate, the workplace. i looked at a few different ideas for the tiles including using old car parts as metaphors for the design process, linking music lyrics to images for the design process, using different figurines to represent the different positions one might have in a design studio etc but they all got a bit confusing. i eventually returned to the chicken and the egg based on the theory of what comes first, the chicken or the egg and neither really happen without the other ..i think ? my basic theory relative to design is that you cant have one without the other either. most people see the chicken or the end result but it takes a long time to get from an egg to a chicken and ultimately what is more it the final result or the work that goes into getting you there.
i truly decided on the chicken and the egg scenario when my mate jack ( gary ) macintosh sent me photos of his chicken ( brownman )'s remarkably big egg...eggspect the uneggspected.
the tiles represent the difference between a studio and freelance design, how simple graphic design can be, research, what comes first the chicken or the egg, to be prepared the expect things to maybe not work out as you had thought, why did the chicken cross the road...probably because he could and to take the piss out of us, and graphic design as a branding icon, the great colonel sanders.
once the idea and the process of visual metaphors became clearer, putting the work together was very enjoyable and helped to continue understanding what graphic design is about and most of all, this was an opportunity to have some fun.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

jess - tiles

My initial idea was to go with something to do with type. Using differnt word sizes and meanings to emphasise differnt ways to create what they meant.
After i had played around with that idea, i decided it wasnt really working for me so i went on with some more brain storming.
I thought about makeup or a blank canvas type of situtation and went on with brainstorming for that.
This led to a bigger idea of having a face starting with no makeup then using the same face/picture putting differnt styles and ways of doing making to explain different workplace design processes. At first it was difficult thinking of different situations with makeup. Though i played around with differnt words and quotes and makeup ideas and came to my final idea. Therefore my tiles are of makeup depicting the design processes. Overall i am happy with my outcome and it worked a lot better than i was expecting, i hope everyone else thinks so and understands my concept.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ellice's Anatomy

Ok so I’m not referring to the overly dramatic TV show Grey’s Anatomy but I’ve come up with my own way to explain certain aspects of design by using body parts…
My 8 tiles include: Eye for Detail, A Creative Mind, Let Music Inspire (Ear), Talk the Talk (Mouth), Rub Shoulders with Creativity, Art Begins in the Heart, Handful of Ideas and finaly Put you Best Foot Forward. I was going to make the 8th tile an image of an arse simply because I think it’s safe to say that we are all going to have to deal with quite a few arseholes in our careers but maybe not so appropriate. I wanted to keep my images as simple as possible and something that I might one day put up in my own personal design studio for inspiration.

I know how easy it is to get stuck to that damn computer chair drinking your 4th coffee (and its only 11:30am) feeling very much awake yet staring at a blank screen and the only thing going through your head is ‘ok where do I start...’ This only causes worry which leads to a slight panic, a twitch in one eye and the next thing your cursing your beloved computer and getting nowhere really fast. As designers the best thing we know is what we see, so I just wanted to send out a reminder to constantly gather inspiration from anywhere, anything and anyone. We need to surround ourselves with the stuff that we love to produce top notch work that we (and others) love. A simple reminder of the basics is always handy and getting outside to the land of the beautiful greens and blues, (yes that place just beyond the doorway) to breathe in the fresh air does wonders!