Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Process of design - defining - Qantas

I wanted to talk about the new logo for the Quantas identity and corporate logo.

Their problem was obviously the logo seemed outdated and needed a new more modern look at the red and white kangaroo logo, seeing as the first design has been un-altered since 1947, and they wanted the kangaroo to look more an outback styled kangaroo I guess it seemed a change was in order.

Their main problem was with the kangaroo’s leg coming into contact with the tail on the planes, and having needed a painting job underneath it to continue the leg of it without it looking too short etc.
They also needed to keep up to date with today’s modernism in design, by making it more slick, more flowing, still resemblance of a kangaroo but not blatantly obvious as a character design, plus I think they wanted to change the old typeface because it looked too 80’s

At first I didn’t really like it, I looked at the older one thinking it resembled a kangaroo more than the new one did, and that it was fine the way it was.
First glace I pretty much found all the problems with the new one but later realised they are all justifiable changes.
It works more as a logo I think with the new slick design of a non-obvious kangaroo character, I mean it obviously is a kangaroo, but less blatant I think, and work both ways now.
Now actually noticing more how the leg goes through the wing it bugs me and makes me pretty much want to edit it out myself….

I think its good they changed it, but not so much as to obliterate the Australian aircraft icon

I don’t know why the sudden change or why it took them like 60 years to change it, but at least they didn’t ruin it like they did the Olympics.

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