Friday, August 24, 2007

Cocojambo ~ Case study

Cocojambo is a Gold Coast graphic design company with a unique attitude toward the media industry.

Their philosophy is to change the message from “what’s being sold” to
“What’s Being Bought”.

One of their case studies particularly caught my attention when viewing their website.


An investment group approached Cocojambo to come up with a strategic plan to attract ten high net worth individuals for investment into a Management Buy Out
Scheme of private companies of worth $50-$100 mill.

The advertising plan needed to convey the business concept and approach, the funds required, the acquisition targets and the exit plans.

The Cocojambo team first asked “Who are the customers?”. After research, it was evident that due to the enormous amount of screening done by staff and entourage of this elite target market, a different approach needed to be taken. The advertising package needed to be attractive to this elite market. The only thing that would interest one individual would be the other nine individuals. An elite club. Something these ten individuals could relate to and get excited by.

With a 1920’s gentleman’s club feel, “The MBO Hunting Party” was introduced.
The use of the finest paper stock, embossing, foils and metallic inks, as well as a 10 colour print process produced very personalised invitations with an aristocratic feel.
Completing the packaging with a wax seal complimented the excitement of exlcusive invitation to invest and become a part of the club.

The company directors were introduced as ‘trackers’ surveying the landscape for their target ‘game’.

This advertising strategy was not to sell anything but to communicate to their target market on a level that would interest them.

The investment group allowed six months to the review and selection process. However the allocation of available space was oversubscribed with three weeks.

I thought that this was a very clever strategy and very classy in their presentation.
And clearly hit the nail on the head with the direction they took for their client.


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