Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Push the Envelope

Being socially aware and responsible in the world of the designer today is very important as design is a commercially based industry in which thousands of people will see your creations and be influenced by them. Due to this there is great importance to spread the word to designers to make a better world to live in by not sacrificing ones individuality to impress the world of mundane conformity. Sagmesiter is at the forefront of such thinking.
He embraces the notion that design can make a positive impact on the world and can change it for the better, and acknowledges that poor design can also leave the world worse off (bad printing on Florida ballot papers ended up with Bush in the seat of president which ultimately lead to the Iraq war). For example in his body of work ‘Trying to look good limits my life’ the concept holds a potent social comment on the masses obsession with body image which he constructs with unusual media. It is excellent to see a designer pushing the envelope of common design media, and it relates directly with his individual conceptualisation.
Sagmeisters work is also mostly of a hand made nature, which I feel brings the audience closer to his work and makes it easier to relate to.

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