Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Stefan Sagmeister

When somebody hands me information on a designer, it is strange how quickly I act upon contempt prior to investigation. Sagmeister on a first glance seemed to me to be on of these out of the box, cocaine induced, five minutes of fame, sofa superstars. It is interesting how I am so willing to pass this judgement; in a way what I am doing is living and thinking in a very small box. After some reluctance I began my research…

Taking the idea and throwing it as far from you as possible in order to see everything around it, this seems to be what Sagmeister does, his design work mimics the subject very little, yet the representation is always there it just takes a second to make the match.

I remember once reading that the trick with design is making people stop for a second and think, if you have done this then you have made a mark in there mind and they are less likely to forget the subject.

Sagmeister to me is an artist, when considering the above theory, His work not only tricks you, but while you stand stupefied, it taps you on the shoulder and slaps you in the face.

I have chosen a design concept the Sagmeister developed for an advertising design exhibition in Osaka, Japan.

As easily seen in the image Sagmeister treated himself to a floor full of food over a week, during this time he gained 25 pounds, the point is? You ask…

I think there is a different point made in the artwork for every beholder; I can’t really say what you would think… me??? I think it’s something to do with consumerism, materialism and over population. Don’t tell anyone though.

Well there is definitely an element of shock value with this guy, it has probably contributed, if not, insured his status as a well known graphic designer. I have developed a new way of thinking just from my short experience studying him.


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