Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alex Pardee- Juxtapoz

I know juxtapoz isnt a newly discovered magazine by all of us but felt I needed to put something on here about alex pardee.

I’m so interested in his stuff, mainly because of the fact I finally found an artists whos works closely relate to the subjects/style of my own, im not sure if it has a particular name or something but he’s pretty much the first iv seen around.

He mixes bold colours with a mixture of also bold and thin lines, and a mixture of disturbing and cute themes, its messy and neat at the same time.

I found an interview about a recent piece he did called ‘Geek love’

“My father was a librarian, so naturally i was surrounded by millions of books growing up. Bookshelves upon bookshelves of books that my father swears he had read each one of them, but as a child, there was no way i thought that was humanly possible because there would be no time for Nintendo if that were the case. Duh. Amongst the hojillions of DelRay and Penguin logos on the spines of hundreds of books, i ALWAYS noticed a bright flourescent orange book that simply said "GEEK LOVE" in what looked like a computer-style font. That title contained 2 words that i HATED when i was younger. Why would i even look at it? Horrible title for a child to want to read. So i never even took it out of the shelf. Years later, i DID. accidentally. But i did, nonetheless. And when i read the back, and it said it was about a family of carnies who are trying to breed their own brand of freaks and start a religion where people are encouraged to chop off their own limbs, it was like finding a drop of toilet water amongst the arabian desert after crawling so much my chest had scraped off in the sand. I couldnt believe i skipped over that book for so many years. Perhaps my childhood would have been completely changed if i stumbled upon that book when i was 10. Oh well. So I read the book Geek Love for the first time back in 2002, immediately after discovering it, on a 13 hour train ride to see my girlfriend. It's the only book i have ever read all the way through in one sitting, and so i felt it was worthy of honoring in this art show.”

In conclusion.
This dude is nuts, and i want that novel.

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