Tuesday, August 7, 2007

paula - stefan sagmeister

YES, Design can make you happy..... Well we all knew that didnt we, that is why we are here isnt it.

After analysing all the things in his life that made him happy Stefan Sagmeister realised that almost half of them where related to design. Whilst listening to his talk at a design conference about this subject, I realised how funny he was and I liked him instantly. He is quirky and has a European sense of humour and style that is familiar to me because of my husband and his friends and family. I almost felt like I knew him.

I was inspired by him taking a year out of business to regroup and get clear on what he wanted to do. In such a cut throat industry, I felt he was brave to do this but it was obviously necessary for his ongoing happiness.

I was excited by pretty much all Stefans work posted on internet sites etc however after viewing his ' 20 things i have learnt in my life so far ' I was really inspired and wanted to have a go, just for fun.... at creating words from still objects and i realised that design is fun.

We tend to get stressed about our designs but if we can just - Breath, Laugh & Love ideas will come to us.

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