Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Fiend magazine is an Australian style, art, culture and music magazine aimed at the demographic of the Gothic subculture. As well as the pleasing mix of topics, the layouts and fonts used are quite irregular, unique and unusual. It is incredible as the only colours used in the magazine are on the inside and outside of the front and backs covers. The content and design work throughout is so interesting that it makes the use of only black, white and greyscale actually complement the structure of Fiend magazine and is appropriate for the target market as its readers are probably the type not wanting to be blinded by over use of colours. This production choice is also environmentally friendly due to less harsh chemicals being used to print.
There is a general use of Gothic fonts such as the sublime, ‘Velvet’ style and old copperplate styles yet all of the typefaces intimately relate to the articles, interviews, reviews etc. whether it be about A Perfect Circle, Rammstein, The Dresden Dolls, Opeth, Man Ray, classic or modern film reviews, Platform Boots, Cemeteries, Doctor Who, or Batrisha comics. Fiend intricately intertwines all the elements to create a fascinating tasteful read.
The FIEND team consists of people in the positions of Editor, Creative Director, Sub Editors, Design + Layout, Additional Design + Layout, Contributors, Advertising and Web Design.
You must see their music review ratings > kitty rates the noise ☺I rate this mag HEAD EXPLODY BRILLIANT KITTY FANTASTICO!

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