Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I think that Stefan Sagmeister's aim was to create questions in people’s minds
and make people actually think about his designs and the messages he is trying to convey. A lot of his designs shock and intrigue people as he wants people to think about the message conveyed.
Although his aim was to not have a style, by not having a style, you are unintentionally creating one. He states that his handwork is what they are best known for; this could be creating their own unique style for which they are known for.
Sagmeister likes to work in 'new fresh surroundings’, which would be good for creating diverse, new and different styles and designs. Presenting many different ideas for things such as the writing on the fence, the tree and the field etc. diverse stylels and designs seves a good purpose in a designers work as it would stop them getting board and it would keep their audience interested.
Statements such as ' trying to look good limits my life' presents a shocking and confronting question to the audience. Leaving them to think and question everyday aspects about their everyday lives.

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