Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stefan Sagmeister

Thinking life will be better in the future is stupid, I have to live now…

This image really stands out a lot, it’s a great image, and I think the main attraction of it is the size and the typography.
Being placed on a shop would no doubt make people curious as to what would be inside.

I had no idea what Douglas as a shop was, but am pretty sure it’s a perfume shop.

It works as art, architectural design and advertising without really trying to sell anything, the quote coming out of one of Sagmeisters diary entries adds a sense of personal psychological quality to it.

Only a few things bother me about the picture, while it would draw people in, im confused as how the quote relates to the product at all, it being a controversial saying towards something in particular maybe? But I don’t understand what towards. If it were just a statement in itself it makes sense but on the shop, well yeah you get the point.

Another is the awkward F looking shape at the bottom, I doesn’t look right being there, almost as if its saying, “I have to live life Fnow”, but only really noticeable when looking at it longer than a glance.

My last problem is the weird urine like puddles……, it is puddles of perfume or melted gold or something? It adds a certain atmosphere to the image and fills the gaps quite well but again confuses me.

I like rather than dis-like it, its refreshing to see particular pieces in a different venue, it brings it into a more open and social setting, and with the blue sky in the background almost making the artwork seems three dimensional, that with the subtle shadow with the branches as well, and it seems he continues a line that seems to go behind the building, im not too sure what it is though. But it looks cool.

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