Tuesday, July 31, 2007

cathy_Sagmeister Inc.

Sagmeister Inc. New York. When I got to this website I was bolded over...strong, simple design…flashing stripes of yellow, orange and two pinks. Stunning. Big, bold, black, all caps lettering on sort of pop-up 3D looking bars as links. Easy interface to navigate through…industrial style boxy arrows and “back” links. User friendly. The other menus are equally as colour coded…grey stripes with bottle green and the same layout and lettering. And great content. Makes me wanna live, breathe and eat design. It’s gotta be one of the most fun looking websites…maybe it’s the candy box appeal…like pulsating liquorice all-sorts. But the pages of old and new work on uncomplicated and undemanding white backgrounds is respite from the intensity of the menu pages. There’s an honesty that pervades the site. As well as a impressive professionalism and strength. Very cutting edge. Just love it!

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