Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jaymi- Style=Fart?

Style = Fart was Sagmeisters theory a neat little equation that the problem with style is it’s just hot air, meaningless. This theory was included on his designs from promo material, the AIGA conference poster and even carved it into his chest, that’s dedication. Only to abandon his theory later as shown in his interview with Design Boom he explained his reasoning.

He also stated in another interview, “I just found that the utilization of good or appropriate style can be very important in communicating content. So I started to take it more seriously. I still don’t like stylish pieces that have nothing to say (in the same way I don’t appreciate well dressed people with nothing to say).But if dressing well gets you heard, why not do it?”

Communicating a message is the most important aspect of graphic design. But style is as Sagmeister acknowledges actually a necessary tool for communicating that content.

“Style is viewed by many as a shallow obsession with disembodied surfaces. However, our activity as designers are based on style’s function as a cultural communicator.” Anne Burdick, Neomania: Feeding The Monster, Emigre no. 24, 1992

Some of the work Sagmeister is best known for is his style of typography with a hand-made quality as shown by the images in Jess’ post. Another designer is Si Scott who hand draws his typography a completely unique, organic, flowing, ornate style. You can find his work at http://www.siscottstudio.com/.

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