Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stefan Sagmeister Jo

Stefan sagmeister is surely one of the most extroverted, interesting designers in our century. This is a designer who not only pushes his own boundaries, but also that of the viewer of his works.

I really appreciated his intricate design of his business card, HP Zinker's "Mountains of Maddness"; the album cover with the slip case, and his book titled "made you look" with the same theme of slip case with imagery that changes once the case is removed. By creating this interactive visual, the reader gets a 'hands on and lets be a part of it' feel.

Stefan, who gets his inspiration from everywhere, prefers hand made quality and design; which in turn gives his works an individual and more personal quality. The idea that something has been handmade, written, constructed, etc. for a particular client/person also portrays individuality and not mass production. To me, this is a way of speaking to each individual in mass audience without losing the quality of the message that is being portrayed. Stefan certainly gets tongues wagging with his approach to depicting imagery and text. This is exactly what Stefan intends; force the reader to question, comment, etc. and isn't that the result, we as graphic designers, aspire to achieve.


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