Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Michelle: Stefan Sagmeister

As we learnt from an interview with him in the Australian design magazine ‘Typotastic’ Stefan Sagmeister keeps a list in his diary which he adds to once a week.

The list is titled “Thing I have learned in my life so far” and in one of his most recent collections he has started incorperating words and phrases from the list into visual typography pieces.

“Trying to look good limits my life” (2004) Is a part of this on-going typographic project. Where the title of these works, along with there content are among the few things that Sagmeister has leart in his life so far.

Each of Sagmeisters pieces delivers a strong message, and the ‘hand made’ quality of them definitely sets his work apart from the rest.

“Being not truthful works against me” is also a part of this series.
The sentence is woven into a virtual spiders web. This interactive projection and was installed in the Austrian Cultural forum in New Yor 2006. As a veiwer passes the web it apears to tear apart.

Another addition to the collection comes in the form of a one minute film clip.
Sagmeister was invited to singapore to produce the installment and it was shot in an abandoned Dynsaty park in singapore.

A few of the pieces in the collection were designed as commercial products.
One example of this was included in the Austrian magazine Copy.
The words read “starting a charity is suprisingly easy” and they were used as dividing pages, each one at the beginning of a new chapter.

Another example of this is based on the principle “Material luxuries can best be enjoyed in small doses” is included in a series of newsprint catalogues for New York fashion designer Anni Kuan.

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