Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paula - process and progress

We have learnt this year that Design is a process... my take on it is LIFE IS A PROCESS and design is part of life - my life anyway...

Everyday and every design is a work in progress... I really loved creating these tiles on several levels, I researched Stefan Sagmeister who I love and also think is a nut case, (all part of being creative apparently), my favourite tile comes directly from him - DESIGN MAKES ME HAPPY - this leads into IDEAS, INSPIRATION, CREATE & TIME etc. They are all concepts represented in my tiles.

I also researched actual metaphors, Australian slang - very interesting and much to my surprise I learnt that i knew what most of it meant, I also drew on my own experiences of what I like and what I have learnt this year.......... Which is an incredible amount.

I used a very simple colour palette of Black, shades of grey and a dash of Red, i wanted to keep the work looking bold and sleek and also I was purely inspired and enjoying the current trends of Black white and red - EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN partucularly after reading Vogue living an introspective of the last 20 years of fashion and home decorating.

I had more conceptual ideas than eight, however i only wanted to use quotes that really 'spoke' to me, so I kept looking and my mind processed everything I did and saw & eventually i settled on the eight you see.

I did have another one that I now wish I could have used which was "LISTEN 2 YOURSELF" I have realised that this is also a huge part of our work as Graphic Designers. Really nothing is more important than to respect and trust our own intuition and ideas.

There is always a first person to do something & we cant be afraid for it to be us. It could even makes us famous one day.

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