Monday, November 26, 2007

chicken or the egg

i fouund this assignment quite a challenge and it made you think long and hard about what design is and the process's involved from where we are now as students to what will one day be our eventual fate, the workplace. i looked at a few different ideas for the tiles including using old car parts as metaphors for the design process, linking music lyrics to images for the design process, using different figurines to represent the different positions one might have in a design studio etc but they all got a bit confusing. i eventually returned to the chicken and the egg based on the theory of what comes first, the chicken or the egg and neither really happen without the other ..i think ? my basic theory relative to design is that you cant have one without the other either. most people see the chicken or the end result but it takes a long time to get from an egg to a chicken and ultimately what is more it the final result or the work that goes into getting you there.
i truly decided on the chicken and the egg scenario when my mate jack ( gary ) macintosh sent me photos of his chicken ( brownman )'s remarkably big egg...eggspect the uneggspected.
the tiles represent the difference between a studio and freelance design, how simple graphic design can be, research, what comes first the chicken or the egg, to be prepared the expect things to maybe not work out as you had thought, why did the chicken cross the road...probably because he could and to take the piss out of us, and graphic design as a branding icon, the great colonel sanders.
once the idea and the process of visual metaphors became clearer, putting the work together was very enjoyable and helped to continue understanding what graphic design is about and most of all, this was an opportunity to have some fun.

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