Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ellice's Anatomy

Ok so I’m not referring to the overly dramatic TV show Grey’s Anatomy but I’ve come up with my own way to explain certain aspects of design by using body parts…
My 8 tiles include: Eye for Detail, A Creative Mind, Let Music Inspire (Ear), Talk the Talk (Mouth), Rub Shoulders with Creativity, Art Begins in the Heart, Handful of Ideas and finaly Put you Best Foot Forward. I was going to make the 8th tile an image of an arse simply because I think it’s safe to say that we are all going to have to deal with quite a few arseholes in our careers but maybe not so appropriate. I wanted to keep my images as simple as possible and something that I might one day put up in my own personal design studio for inspiration.

I know how easy it is to get stuck to that damn computer chair drinking your 4th coffee (and its only 11:30am) feeling very much awake yet staring at a blank screen and the only thing going through your head is ‘ok where do I start...’ This only causes worry which leads to a slight panic, a twitch in one eye and the next thing your cursing your beloved computer and getting nowhere really fast. As designers the best thing we know is what we see, so I just wanted to send out a reminder to constantly gather inspiration from anywhere, anything and anyone. We need to surround ourselves with the stuff that we love to produce top notch work that we (and others) love. A simple reminder of the basics is always handy and getting outside to the land of the beautiful greens and blues, (yes that place just beyond the doorway) to breathe in the fresh air does wonders!


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