Tuesday, September 4, 2007

LOOK! @ Icograda website

Icograda website is certainly vast. Spend hours looking around; as we all have. I have clicked here and there and have gone back to this particular website via the links to find a very appropriate article for us, as students.

“Creative Behavior” is Indonesian based online magazine. O.K it was the pictures that got to me (and the article titles). And a blah-blah with Clea about being lost in this world of computer graphic design (direction-wise), where the world and outer space is only one press or touch of the fingertips away--of a senseless piece of bin filler that you don’t even bother to unfold, least read. Hence, this title grabbed me:

‘WORKING WITH VALUES’ was the first article I moused. And what do you know?!~It was the picture I liked most as well. For me it has confirmed answers to a lot of questioning about the relativity of self-value (morals, life guidelines) that each has chosen to follow, construct, and live by, and the affect of this on our world.

‘ON-LINE CREATIVE STRATEGY’ was the second article I perused; written by an online creative designer/director Stephen Gates. In his article he reflects on what he has seen that doesn’t work, rubbish he has- I assume- received, and what creates inspiration. Stephen goes into aspects of his process as a director/designer of an on-line company.

‘MULTIDSIPLINARY DESIGN’ was the third article I looked at. What in the hell’s that? WELL……to find out more go to www.creativebehavior.com

Don’t forget to look at the pretty pictures!

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