Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Designing the fluffy duck

What the d*#k?

I was looking for a design that was simple yet effective and i wasn't prepared to spend to much time doing it, i was randomly searching designers websites, checking there work when i came accross this guy.

He did it for me, the use of very simple lines to create the suggestion of a duck, the ability to convey the image with the use of three colours, even the little turned up foot is a great idea, it gives the duck the impression of walking away, to me he even seems a little "stuck up as if he is leaving in digust".

The designers Philter Group, didn't really elude as to the design process, but i think with a name like Fluffy Duck we are not talking midnight brainstorm material. The information i did get was in regard to the product, which are scented nail files. An amazing inovation in the cosmetic market i am sure...

I definately find that the name and design distract my mind from the fact that we are not talking about the most glamerous of products, infact the duck himself even seems a bit disgusted. This fact that my mind is distract from the obvious may just be the marketing genius that would make this product sell... and look they have flavours mmmmmmmmmmm yummie.

quak quak!!!!

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Kimmy said...

dave u crak me up.