Tuesday, September 4, 2007

CMYK Magazine

CMYK is a quarterly magazine based in New York..
CMYK Magazine is where aspiring creatives showcase their talents to an industry driven by inspiration and new ways of creative problem solving..
At the same time, CMYK Magazine is where creative directors, agency principals and art buyers recruit students and recent graduates at today's top art-design schools: art directors, copywriters, designers, photographers and illustrators..

The website grabbed my atention, not only because it was in english..
But because it lets you read certain articles from each issue..
And also because students have the ability to upload a portfolio to the site..
The contest allows students to enter up to 15 pieces, for the opportunity to be published and seen across the globe..
Entries are judged by some of the most influential professionals in each field..
Some interesting pieces of student works i found that have been published include:

"New Video iPod"

"Miele vacuum cleaners"

There are alot of other great features on the site..
You can read other artists profiles and contribute to blogs..

Anyways this is the link:

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