Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The case study done with the client Blairmore Estates is a features case study on a site which I found interesting as I got the idea of how to plan and design projects for the future using different aspects of the design process such as planning, designing, listening and gaining inspiration. Blairmore Estates plane was to impact provided marketing direction, graphic design and presentation design and printing services in conjunction with a special evening sales presentation.
The next step they took was design in which they stated; 'all branding aspects, including logo concept and creation, were applied to multiple marketing and advertising piece supported the clients sales process and provided interested
Parties with all relevant information in conjunction with the sales evening. Project objectives were surpassed with the introduction of a direct mail campaign that targeted specific demographics within a focused geographical area.'
I thought the inspiration side of this case study should be taken to ways as their inspiration study says;
Presentation attendees and the number of actual pre-sold property sales during the evening exceeded the client's expectations.
But I personally think that inspiration should also encourage you to look around and become informed about different aspects, views and directions that could be possible to take!
This case study has widened my thoughts on how to approach a project or job and to actively start on it with ideas in mind.
i got my facs and info from this site:http://www.impactvisual.ca/pages/portfolio/casestudy/1-Blairmore%20Estates/

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