Thursday, December 6, 2007

Graphic Game Design

It all starts with a game, a piece of paper, a pencil, an idea. Graphic design within the game industry has certainly come a long way in the last thirty or so years. From the simple games we played as children on paper to the interactive x-blocks by the designers of tomorrow. And what will it be tomorrow? Today we also have 2nd life via the web; if you're not happy with your own life; go and pretend to have a life in a pretend world. Our very pixelated Donkeykong and Mario have turned into 3dimensional characters in a 3dimentional world. Who knows where our now super duper Mario will end up!
Basic strategies of games, stories, characters, tasks and performance all play an important part of the development and graphic design of the gameware. Some games are based on ancient and tradional games like chess and Marjong. Some characters are designed from inpirations like a favourite chilhood toy. And some come from a dream world. An excellent book I borrowed from the town library "The Computer Game Design Course" explains the entire design process, history, helpful web sites for the beginner through to the professional; and accompanied by excellent graphics, I found it a very informative and up to date book. The first publishment is 2007. (A great book for Aiden to peruse). And it even tells you where the courses could take your expertise.
I wonder where the next thirty or so years will take us? We, as graphic designers with limiltless imaginations could take the world anywhere.

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