Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lucys Tiles

The idea that i had for my tiles aimer to portray different aspects of design, which can be entered into through sign writing after our course is finished.
I chose sign writing because that is what im interested in and I have found that designing signs can be interesting and fun. I also thought that other people may be interested in it and seeing that there are a few different areas, which you can get into. And to see how design can fit into it.
I was hoping to portray a range of different styles and interests in design which can be reached through sign writing both in the past such as hand painted signs, spray painted signage (tags), engraved signs etc… I also tried to portray where the sign industry is going in the future for example printed signs. Promotional signs on cars, vans etc and clothing advertisement, which I think, will become larger in the future. As technology is evolving everyday.
I enjoyed doing this because it made me more interested in my own work and excited to see where technology is going!

By Lucy.

p.s. for some reason my pictures won't upload. sorry.

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